Strategic Change Agenda Development and Measurement

Strategic Organizational Design and Effectiveness

The most elegant  strategy and brilliantly crafted business model mean nothing if the organization to execute them is flawed. We believe that most of what hinders a company’s ability to execute is the misalignment of the organization in terms of structure, culture, and capabilities. Executing strategy always signals a change, therefore it is critical to identify what needs to change.

Ambiguous role expectations, unclear role relationships and accountabilities, management layers that don’t add value, missing talent capability, and a non-aligned culture are a few of the areas potentially requiring attention. Once the change agenda is in place, the element of change management becomes imperative in order to ensure successful and sustainable achievement.

  • Create a strategic change agenda focused on key organizational levers along with supportive change-management plan
  • Design a structure that maximizes trust, clarity, and commitment within horizontal and vertical working relationships
  • Identify and remove specific barriers to execution
  • Develop your workforce to effectively move forward and deliver on your business plan